October 22, 2019

218 - Reducing the Skilled-Trade Gap, Ft. Jennifer Weber

Today on the BLC podcast, we’re joined by Jennifer Weber, the executive VP of Human Resources at Lowe’s.

Jennifer has over 25 years of experience in human resources strategy, compensation and benefits, leadership development, strategic communications, and change management. At Lowe’s, she is responsible for the global human resources strategy practices and operations that enable Lowe's to attract, motivate, develop and retain outstanding associates.

For this week’s episode, we got in touch with Jennifer during a live event organized by Sleep In Heavenly Peace, a volunteer organization that builds bunk beds for children and families in need. At the event, 300 students volunteered to build over 100 bunk beds to help people whose homes were devastated in California wildfires. Jennifer filled us in on the details and in this week’s episode, we covered:

  • How is the Skilled-Trade Gap affecting the US economy?
  • Live insights from the Sleep In Heavenly Place live event.
  • How is Lowe’s helping reduce the Skilled-Trade Gap?
  • What can we all do to contribute?

If you’re considering a career in the skilled-trade gap or know someone who’d be interested, head on over to We Are Generation T. Check out the different types of training they offer and inform yourself on how you can contribute to the cause!

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