Give Your Boss a Piece of Your Mind - The Right Way


Ft. Anita Bowness

Global Practice Leader of Halogen Software

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We’ve all heard of the phrase“managing up,” but what does it mean to give feedback to your boss – and how canyou do it the right way without getting fired? Research shows that many peopleleave organizations due to bad management, so why not turn that around andempower employees to give managers a piece of their mind?

Joining me to tackle thistough and touchy topic today is

Anita Bowness, GlobalPractice Leader of Halogen Software

About Anita:

Anita joined Halogen in 2014 with nearly 20 years' experience in consulting and professional services, the majority of which has been spent enabling client organizations leverage the talent of their workforce to achieve desired strategic results. As a Solutions Consultant with Halogen, Anita draws upon her prior HR and consulting experience in the areas of recruitment, onboarding, performance management, learning and development, succession planning, organizational development, competency mapping and change management. Her consulting experience has spanned many sectors, including IT, government, defense, retail, telecommunications, healthcare, education, logistics and professional services. Anita holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a Major in HRM from the University of Ottawa, and an Masters in HRM from the University of Leeds.

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How Not to Waste Your Time in College

Ft. Jena Burgess (@CoachJenaB)
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About This Episode:

What things in addition to your degree does it take to get the job you want? There can be a lot to consider: grades, soft skills, technical skills, resume and networking. And at times it can get overwhelmingly confusing to know which one to start with. Don't worry though, on this episode of the Business, Life, and Coffee podcast, author Jena Burgess, PHR talks about all this and more.

Her new book Super Qualified is a roadmap that includes the student voice in the conversation that colleges and companies are having about the perception, realities and practicalities of being qualified for work.

This episode is great for college students, parents of college students, and professionals looking to make a return to grad school.

About Jena Burgess:
Jena Burgess is a career coach and trainer dedicated to developing learning experiences that meet the changing needs of today’s professionals. She is the CEO of Coach Jena B LLC, a boutique professional development firm focused on professional success. Jena leverages her human resources and diversity and inclusion experience in Fortune 500’s, non-profits, start-ups and financial institutions to empower her facilitation with clients. She is an accomplished facilitator and is often a guest speaker at top universities, colleges and corporations. Participants describe her workshops as thoughtful, inclusive and FUN. Jena is often leveraged for her unique understanding of Millennials and Generation Z. She serves as a board member for HBCU Career Development Marketplace. Jena is certified in the art of Gamification, the process of infusing fun game-like mechanics to motivate human behavior.

Help Promote Entrepreneurship Skills to The Largest Unemployed Minority Group in America
Founder, CEO, and Chief Disabled Officer of 
2Gether International, a global non-profit for helping those with disabilities
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Ft. Diego Mariscal, 

About this Episode:

No doubt about it, disabled people are AWESOME... interested in seeing them become leaders and entrepreneurs?! This episode highlights the work, and fundraising goals of 2Gether International, a non-profit organization empowering persons with disabilities to launch successful 

Connect with 2Gether International:



2Gether International

About Diego:


FOUNDER & CEO of One of the only tech not-for-profits working on fostering disability pride. 

FOUNDER and President of 360-agency. The consulting arm of A strategy agency build for clients that want to better understand disability and the market value it represents. Clients Include: BLACKBOARD, THE WORLD BANK, THE US DEPARTMENT OF STATE. 

FOUNDER of Limitless Prepa Tec. Mexican student group movement. Providing sensitivity training workshops on disability throughout 8 high schools. Reaching over 3,000 students to-date. 


Election 2016: Polarizing Candidates Create Significant Headaches at Work

Evren Esen, SHRM-SCP
Director, Workforce Analytics, SHRM
View more blogs from #SHRM16
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About this episode:
This election year is brining greater political volatility to the workplace, with slightly more than one-quarter of respondents to a new Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey reporting tension, hostility or arguments among co-workers because of political affiliation.
Discussing this volatility - and what employers are doing about it - is SHRM Workforce Analytics Director Evren Esen, SHRM-SCP.
Quick Facts:

  • 72% of HR professionals indicated their organizations discouraged political activities in the workplace.
  • 24% of organizations had a written (i.e., formal) policy on political activities, and 8% had an unwritten (i.e., informal) policy.
  • 86% of HR professionals indicated their organizations allowed employees to take either paid (53%) or unpaid (33%) time off to vote.

See more at:

View more about the study:
What Does it Take to Become an Award-Winning Executive?
Tim Mulligan, J.D.
CHRO, San Diego Zoo Global
Winner - 2016 CHRO of the Year (HRO Today)
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About this Episode:
On this episode of the Business, Life, and Coffee show, Tim Mulligan discusses how he refined his corporate culture at one of the nation's premiere service-oriented non-profit organization. Also, he shares his wisdom about becoming an award-winning executive, advice for young professionals climbing the corporate ladder, and the unique advantage having a law degree can have as an HR professional.
Be sure to check out his book, "Roar: How to Build a Resilient Organization the World Famous San Diego Zoo Way" by visiting the link below or on Amazon.
About Tim:
Tim Mulligan serves San Diego Zoo Global as the Chief Human Resources Officer, managing a staff that fulfills employment needs for the organization's nearly 3,000 employees. Since joining San Diego Zoo Global over 11 years ago, his team has developed programs which led to several awards, including San Diego Business Journal's "2008 HR Professional of the Year" and San Diego City Beat's "2014 Best Places to Work in San Diego." 
Links for Roar and San Diego Zoo Global

Why Are We So Bad At Detecting Liars?

Micheal W. Johnson,
Former Senior Trial Attorney, US Department of Justice
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About This Episode:
Employee investigations are an inevitable part of working at a small business or startup. When it comes to determining if someone's telling the truth, are we going about it the right way? Leading up to his #shrm16 mega session entitled: "Why Are We So Bad at Detecting Liars?", Clear Law Institute CEO Michael Johnson discusses the components of a successful investigation while breaking down the stereotypes and myths that we see on TV and film. If you're ever involved in workplace investigations (or you want to know if someone in your life is telling the truth), you don't want to miss this episode!
About Micheal Johnson: 

Michael W. Johnson is the founder and CEO of Clear Law Institute, which provides online courses on legal, HR, accounting, compliance, and management topics to tens of thousands of professionals from hundreds of organizations.

A graduate of Duke University and Harvard Law School, Mr. Johnson began his career as a trial attorney in the United States Department of Justice, where he was the lead attorney on one of DOJ’s first “pattern or practice” sexual harassment cases.

About Clear Law Institute:
Clear Law Institute provides (1) online continuing education courses for thousands of professionals on legal, HR, compliance, accounting, and management topics, (2) Online courses and learning games on workplace harassment prevention and ethics and compliance topics for tens of thousands of employees at dozens of employers, and (3) Investigations training for dozens of organizations such as Google, the EEOC, and the World Bank.
Why The Most Successful Start-Ups Invest in  Co-Working Space
(San-Diego Start-Up Week)
Noelle Maestas
Community Manager, Co-mmunity SD
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Behind every great start-up is a team of support. While on travel to San Diego, i visited Co-mmunity SD, an awesome co-working space with a podcasting room and a team of some of the start-up world's most trusted advisors.
Meet Noelle Maestas, Community Manager for Co-mmunity SD. On this episode, we discuss the benefits of co-working, whether or not it pays to go straight to commercial real estate as a start-up, what's to come during San Diego Startup Week and more. You don't want to miss this conversation!
Resources Mentioned on the Show:

Is Social Media a Necessary Evil at Work?

Aliah Wright
Manager/Online Editor for SHRM, Best-Selling Author, Award Winning Speaker, Social Media Strategist
Twitter: @1SHRMscribe
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About this Episode:
No matter how you might try to fight against it, or pretend it isn't a "thing," social media is here to stay. It's changing the way we buy, the way we keep in touch with our friends, the way we get our news, and now - how companies hire and engage their employees. So what are the in's and out's of social media use that business owners and HR professionals need to know about? This episode dives into the way businesses and recruiters are using social media to build their brands and attract great talent.
If you are attending SHRM 2016, make sure you check out her pre-conference panel session entitled: Social Solutions for HR: Social Media Strategies to Help Achieve Your HR and Business Goals
Topics We Cover:
1. How Businesses are Using Social Media @ Work
2. The Very Impressive Stats Surrounding Social Media Recruitment
3. Ways to Use Internal Social Media to Engage Employees
4. Why You Should Attend The Pre-Conference Session
5. Social Media Do's and Don'ts
7. Employee Rights on Social Media
8. Parting Thoughts
9. How to Contact Aliah
About Aliah: 
For more than 15 years, has worked as an award-winning reporter, writer, editor, artist, manager, web designer, web content manager and now social media strategist.
A best seller for SHRM's publishing division, the book advocates the use of social media by employers and their employees. I've traveled the world speaking and training HR professionals on professional and personal social media communications as well as innovations in social media recruiting. 
In addition to writing for the society's award-winning editorial division, she also manages the division's social media strategy. SHRM is the world's largest association dedicated to the HR profession. In that role, she has become a subject matter expert on the evolution of HR Technology, Social Media Strategies, Global HR, and Business Leadership and Strategy.
Resources Mentioned on the Show:
Eric Meyer's Employment Law Blog -

Why You Shouldn't Over-Think Going Back to Law School

Daivy Dambreville, ESQ
Attorney, Burns White, LLC
This Episode is Sponsored by Jumpstart:HR, LLC
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About this Episode:
Are you considering going back to school for a law degree but aren't sure if it will be worth it? Meet Daivy Dambreville, ESQ - a Penn State Law alum and current attorney at Burns White, LLC. In our conversation, Daivy discusses why he left Corporate America to pursue a career in law. What was his experience like along the way - and does he regret it? Tune into the episode to find out!
About Daivy:
Daivy P. Dambreville is an Associate at Burns White based out of the Philadelphia office. He concentrates his practice on matters involving workers’ compensation litigation, as well as occupational safety and health.  

Mr. Dambreville assists employers, insurance companies and third-party administrators achieve expeditious and favorable resolutions in defense of their workers’ compensation claims.  He also has a broad understanding of various factors impacting workplace safety, including regulatory compliance, and Occupational Safety and Health Act inspections and citation contests.

Contact Daivy:

Company Website:


Connect with Host Joey Price:


Twitter: @JVPsaid

Instagram: @joeyvprice

Snapchat: @JVPsaw


Building Your Brand Through Media Take Patience and... 

Ft. Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson
Journalist | Field Reporter | On-Air Personality

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"Let's build a better business, together."
About This Episode:
With over 8 million blogs on the internet and 400 million active Instagram users every month, social media is definitely full of noise in the crowd. For a new journalist or blogger, finding your voice can seem intimidating and not even worth the effort. How can you establish yourself as a storyteller, journalist, or leading voice in your industry? Check out this episode of the Business, Life, and Coffee show featuring Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson. He shares his personal story of grinding and hustling since a youth.  Brandon gives the inside scoop on how he's been able to cover NBA players, top musicians, and even take a selfie with Rihanna.
Topics Covered:
Growing up in a family that has a historic entrepreneurial legacy in Harlem New York City 
The evolution of journalism and the role of social media
The secret sauce to building your reputation and brand
The story behind his Rihanna selfie
Advice to journalists, bloggers, and story tellers
And more...
About Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson:
Connect with Scoop B Online:
Snapchat: Scoop_B
At the age of 12 years old, Brandon Robinson knew what he wanted to do with his life. Considered by many to be a child prodigy, he began his journalism career co-hosting Nets Slammin' Planet, a kids radio show with retired NBA player Albert King. It was featured on NBA Inside Stuff, Fox Sports and more.

Years later, the grind hasn't stopped and he’s meshed his expertise in the world of entertainment, pop culture with sports to give folks the SCOOP on what’s going on. Currently the co-host of Brown & Scoop, a weekly sports and entertainment podcast through CBS Radio's Play.It Network, the show has been featured on TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, Deadspin, Washington Post, Sports Illustrated, New York Post and ESPN.

A former staff writer at The Source Magazine, Robinson was front and center when NBA Commissioner Adam Silver banned former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling from owning the team after Sterling made racist comments about African Americans. 

Robinson is also a former digital curator at, website of The Breakfast Club's host DJ Envy. He’s appeared on CBS This Morning, CTV, PIX11 and ARISE TV discussing topical issues in sports like fantasy football sites FanDuel and Draftkings, LeBron James' son being recruited, Tom Brady and Deflategate and last year’s Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight. 

You can find his published writing in CBS Sports Radio, CBS Local Sports, COMPLEX, AM New York, EBONY and VIBE. 

Specialties: interviewing, public speaking, feature writing, voiceovers, story telling, public relations, editing, motivational speaking, content, basketball, marketing, branding, athlete branding, blogging, mentoring, producing, anchor, lifestyle, travel

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