Today we’re joined by Matthew Sullivan, the Founder, and CEO of QuantmRE, the world’s first membership-driven, vertically integrated real estate stock market that enables fractional interests in real estate investments to be bought and sold on the Blockchain. A former stockbroker and corporate financier, Matthew is also known for being a part of Richard Branson's corporate finance team. He is now taking the “everything-is-possible” attitude to create the world’s first cryptocurrency backed by audited real estate assets, giving it true intrinsic value. Matthew also hosts the Hooked On Startups podcast where he chats with entrepreneurs discusses topics like overcoming challenges and mastering success.

Our topics include:

  • Matthew’s insights into working with Richard Branson.
  • How does QuantmRE intend to introduce Blockchain to real estate?
  • The importance of making a distinction between Bitcoin and Blockchain.
  • How can Blockchain provide liquidity to otherwise illiquid assets?

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