November 27, 2018

171 - How to Start a Drop Shipping E-commerce Business? Ft. Anton Kraly

Today we’re joined by Anton Kraly, an online entrepreneur and founder of Drop Ship Lifestyle, a company that teaches people how to build a legitimate online business. Through training courses, one-on-one coaching, online communities, digital software, annual retreats, and step-by-step programs, Anton has been sharing his knowledge and experiences of creating and running a 7 figure e-commerce drop shipping business. Since 2013, Drop Ship Lifestyle has helped over 5,832 students to start their own highly-profitable, semi-automated dropship stores. Anton also has a podcast called Ecommerce Lifestyle, which has a goal of providing people with the systems, tools, and support needed for growing a business.

Our topics include:

  • Anton’s journey to becoming a successful online entrepreneur.
  • What habits have proven to be useful on the road to becoming an online entrepreneur?
  • What is drop shipping?
  • How to build a 7-figure drop shipping e-commerce business?

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