June 12, 2018

147 - What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Can It Get You A Six-Figure Income? Ft. Greg Jeffries

This week’s guest is Greg Jeffries, who is an internet marketing expert. Greg spent the last several years of his life transitioning from a complete internet marketing newbie, to a successful affiliate marketer that makes a 6 figure salary! He is currently offering his guidance and advice in the form of an online course called SEO Affiliate Domination.

Our topics include:

  • What is affiliate marketing, and what are some of the key characteristics of the field?
  • Is online marketing a Zero-Sum Game?
  • How can young entrepreneurs use good credit scores to jumpstart their business?
  • The importance of self-education and learning by yourself.
  • A glimpse into Greg’s affiliate marketing process.
  • What does SEO Affiliate Domination offer to marketing newbies?

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