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Business travelers face a variety of risks, from the mundane to the catastrophic, from pickpockets to global terrorism. More than ever before, organizations need to be prepared for the dangers employees encounter when travelling for business.

According to a recent study conducted by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), nearly half of business travelers view terrorism as the greatest safety risk they face on the road, higher than illness, street crime and property theft.

The concern about terrorism reflects several new trends, most notably, widespread media coverage of high-profile incidents, the tendency of terrorists to attack travel hubs, and the unpredictable nature of these attacks.

Segment 2:

As the weather warms, we’re dreaming of far away places. But, if you know how to find the right deals, an overseas adventure can easily become a reality…and soon!  Expedia Travel Expert Lisa Perkovic joins us live from London with all of the details on how we can travel like royalty this summer!

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