March 31, 2020

240 - Making Intelligent Financial Decisions During the Coronavirus Pandemic, with Aaron Velky and Joey Price

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- Mama, I Made It (3:01)

A shout-out to all of the first-responders and everyone on the front lines of the health crisis.


- While You Were Working (6:12)

CEOs, Cash and Covid: What Every Company Must Do Asap


- Coffee Shop Q&A (9:55)

Q: What are some of the top tips for reevaluating your finances during the pandemic?


Today's Guest:

Aaron Velky (IG - @aaronvelky)

Co-founder and CEO at Ortus Academy


Listen to our previous conversation from episode 107 of the BLC Podcast, here:




Thanks for tuning in and we hope this helps. Stay safe everybody! 


Show Credits:

Host - Joey Price [@joeyvpriceHR] - Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Music - Ayo

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