Building Your Brand Through Media Take Patience and... 

Ft. Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson
Journalist | Field Reporter | On-Air Personality

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About This Episode:
With over 8 million blogs on the internet and 400 million active Instagram users every month, social media is definitely full of noise in the crowd. For a new journalist or blogger, finding your voice can seem intimidating and not even worth the effort. How can you establish yourself as a storyteller, journalist, or leading voice in your industry? Check out this episode of the Business, Life, and Coffee show featuring Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson. He shares his personal story of grinding and hustling since a youth.  Brandon gives the inside scoop on how he's been able to cover NBA players, top musicians, and even take a selfie with Rihanna.
Topics Covered:
Growing up in a family that has a historic entrepreneurial legacy in Harlem New York City 
The evolution of journalism and the role of social media
The secret sauce to building your reputation and brand
The story behind his Rihanna selfie
Advice to journalists, bloggers, and story tellers
And more...
About Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson:
Connect with Scoop B Online:
Snapchat: Scoop_B
At the age of 12 years old, Brandon Robinson knew what he wanted to do with his life. Considered by many to be a child prodigy, he began his journalism career co-hosting Nets Slammin' Planet, a kids radio show with retired NBA player Albert King. It was featured on NBA Inside Stuff, Fox Sports and more.

Years later, the grind hasn't stopped and he’s meshed his expertise in the world of entertainment, pop culture with sports to give folks the SCOOP on what’s going on. Currently the co-host of Brown & Scoop, a weekly sports and entertainment podcast through CBS Radio's Play.It Network, the show has been featured on TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, Deadspin, Washington Post, Sports Illustrated, New York Post and ESPN.

A former staff writer at The Source Magazine, Robinson was front and center when NBA Commissioner Adam Silver banned former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling from owning the team after Sterling made racist comments about African Americans. 

Robinson is also a former digital curator at, website of The Breakfast Club's host DJ Envy. He’s appeared on CBS This Morning, CTV, PIX11 and ARISE TV discussing topical issues in sports like fantasy football sites FanDuel and Draftkings, LeBron James' son being recruited, Tom Brady and Deflategate and last year’s Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight. 

You can find his published writing in CBS Sports Radio, CBS Local Sports, COMPLEX, AM New York, EBONY and VIBE. 

Specialties: interviewing, public speaking, feature writing, voiceovers, story telling, public relations, editing, motivational speaking, content, basketball, marketing, branding, athlete branding, blogging, mentoring, producing, anchor, lifestyle, travel

With the "war on talent" and the quest for productivity being waged at an all-time high, have interns been left behind? Senior Talent Consultant and Adjunct Professor Elliot Lasson and Jumpstart:HR, LLC CEO Joey Price share their opinions on the matter and provide practical tips for students and employers alike.

Ponts Covered:
- Can students (and employers) benefit from unpaid internships?
- Personal stories about internships 
- What can professors do to help students land internships?
- Are internships still a relevant aspect of career development?
- Are internships still important for employers - how so?

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Local Color Podcast w/ Jason Van Slyke
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About this episode:
On this episode of Business, Life, and Coffee, you'll hear how one innovator is harnessing his fears to create content that changes lives and inspires others.
Meet a modern day storyteller who uses the medium of podcasting to shift the public's image of Baltimore from a negative to positive (and rightfully so!). Through sharing the stories of various innovators in the city, Jason Van Slyke's Local Color Baltimore podcast is telling the side of Baltimore that you'll never get by watching HBO.