November 20, 2018

170 - Shower Pill: How to Get Ahead in Business by Using an Athlete’s Mindset, with Justin Forsett

This week, we’re joined by Justin Forsett, an athlete, entrepreneur, leader, influencer and founder of Shower Pill, a company that manufactures and distributes personal care products for athletes and people on the "go". Justin is a former NFL running back and in his rich career as a pro athlete he has played for the Seattle Seahawks, Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Baltimore Ravens, Detroit Lions, and Denver Broncos. The idea of developing a product that would help physically active people maintain proper hygiene throughout the day came to life when he founded Shower Pill along with two of his friends from College. Justin is also teaming up with Uninterrupted and is soon to host his very own podcast that will center around faith in sports.

Our topics include:

  • How can entrepreneurs benefit from having an athlete’s mindset?
  • The origin of the Shower Pill.
  • Faith as part of a personal journey and how does it lead to success.
  • Tips from professional sports you can apply to everyday life.

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