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If you’re like many people, the new year signals new starts. But after many weeks, resolutions often get broken and we’re back to square one.  So why not get a jump on your fitness and wellness goals before the new year begins?  And for those whose good health intentions have already gone awry, there are some simple ways to get back on track.

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Know the importance of nutrition and protein in your diet?  Understand how diet and exercise play a key role in reaching your fitness and wellness goals?  Love a good challenge?!


Ben Leber, former Minnesota Vikings linebacker, has made health and fitness his priority for many years. On this episode, he talks about how to stay motivated and ways to stay on track in your fitness and wellness goals. Also, Lucas Duppler, Director of Nutrition at the Whey Protein Institute, discusses the importance of protein in a clean and balanced diet.



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Neither rain nor snow nor heat nor gloom of night will keep the U.S Postal Service from doing what it does best — delivering billions of pieces of mail and packages during its busiest holiday season to date!!


Predicting another double-digit increase in package volume this year, the Postal Service expects to deliver about 750 million packages for a total of 16 billion pieces of mail and packages (that’s billion with a B) — processing more than 611 million pieces of mail on December 19, the busiest mailing day of the year and delivering more than 30 million packages on December 22, the busiest delivery day


So what does that mean for us this holiday? How can we be sure our packages will make it where they need to go on time?  What is the Postal Service doing to make it easy to ship gifts and fun to send holiday greetings?



About Megan J. Brennan:

Megan J. Brennan is the 74th and the first female Postmaster General of the United States and the Chief Executive Officer of the world’s largest postal organization.

Appointed by the Governors of the Postal Service, Brennan began her tenure as Postmaster General in February 2015.  In the prior four years, Brennan served as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of the Postal Service, and held prior roles as Vice President of both the Eastern Area and Northeast Area Operations. Brennan began her 29-year Postal Service career as a Letter Carrier in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

Brennan earned a master of business administration degree as a Sloan Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is also an alumna of Immaculata College in Pennsylvania.


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Fostering “spark moments” of innovation can be one of the most significant challenges for large corporations, and a common impediment to long-term success.


Corporate intrapreneurship has spurred some of the most innovative companies and products, but is still considered more of a fancy term than realized innovation. Of late, many leading companies are jumping into a new wave of intrapreneurship in the form of internal startup models, with a goal to unearth existing IP that have potential for market success.


On this episode, K.P. Reddy, Co-Founder and Partner of The Combine shares:


o    The process behind corporate intrapreneurship

o    Who and what The Combine is

o    How a “Go Team” approach to corporate innovation inspires

o    The 5 new companies created by corporate intrapreneurship


 About K.P.:

K.P. Reddy

K.P. Reddy is a venture capitalist, angel investor, and AEC expert with over 20 years of experience in disruptive innovation. He serves as Partner at The Combine. The Combine partners with enterprise organizations and technical founders to convert their promising intellectual property into viable, scalable businesses. He is a globally-recognized expert on advanced technologies including Building Information Modeling (BIM), Collaborative Communication, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Applications and Cloud computing. Currently K.P. is the CEO of SoftWear Automation Inc, a leading developer of robotic sewing automation that promises to drive down the cost of apparel and textile manufacturing while increasing quality and speed to market for retailers.

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Every family is unique but they all have the same holiday expectations. It must be filled with fun and festive activities that bring the family together. What better way to bring everyone and all your plans together than with “mommy certified” tips on everything from entertaining, gift giving, to getting your kitchen and home prepped for holiday parties and cooking.

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On this episode, Ereka Vetrini, Host of TLC’s Sunday Brunch, shares her best holiday tips, time saving hacks, go to shopping helpers, and technology find to help you get through the holidays.


You’ve seen her on TLC, The Today Show, and Lifetime and now Ereka can bring you the tips she lives every day.


About Ereka Vetrini:


Ereka Vetrini is a TV Host, Lifestyle Expert, Brand Spokesperson, Producer, Blogger and proud mom of two! Tune-in to TLC Sunday Brunch on Sunday mornings as Ereka brings you the very best brunch & cocktail recipes, styling tips and so much more! Ereka is also the host of Lifetime’s Access Health where her and her team bring you the latest cutting-edge developments and innovations in medicine, nutrition and fitness, so women everywhere can take charge of their health, starting today! As the TV spokesperson for AllRecipes magazine, you can catch her in the kitchen at The Today Show, Meredith Vieira Showand The Better Show where she cooks up recipes created by home cooks from across the country. Ereka was the host of Easy Does It on Yahoo! where she interviewed authors, experts and celebrities to uncover everything you need to know about how to simplify family life. As a mother of two, Ereka enjoys spending every spare minute running after her 1st grader and preschooler. Check out her blog BeYOUtifulmoms.com to see how she balances it all and deals with her daily dose of mom guilt.

The holidays are a time for enjoying friends and family in the home and also finding somewhere to hide all the clutter before everyone arrives. One study* found disorganization can consume 15-20 percent of the average home’s annual budget through rebuying misplaced items, rush charges and late fees. 


Not only can cleaning and organizing the home be easy, but according to organizing expert, Donna Smallin Kuper, many unwanted and unused items around the home are worth something and can easily be sold.  On this episode, Donna shares several helpful tips on organizing the home for the holidays and ways to turn clutter into more money for the holidays.


About Donna:

Donna is an award-winning organizing and cleaning expert and best-selling author. She’s written more than a dozen books on how to declutter, organize, simplify, and clean up your life, including her book, How to Declutter and Make Money Now!


Additional tips and ideas available at www.decluttr.com


Buy Donna's Books on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2gRLxax


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Mountain Biking as a sport has been around for a while now. Enduro Mountain biking has become the next big challenge for pros like Curtis Keene.


In 2012, his first year of riding the North American Enduro circuit, Curtis took home the championship. He is now shooting to show that North Americans are ready to challenge the more dominant Europeans for bragging rights in this sport.


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Curtis joins us to talk about his sport and his home turf in Los Angeles.


About Curtis:

Curtis Keene spent 10 years dominating the fast-paced world of downhill mountain biking. Then, in 2012, he decided to give the growing sport of Enduro mountain biking a try. The new discipline clearly suited him, and that year he took home the overall championships title in the North American Enduro Series. Around the world, Enduro is still mostly made up of European competitors, so it’s no wonder the nickname American Dream has stuck. 

Growing up in Fremont, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area, Keene played baseball as a kid and rode his bike for fun. He never imagined that one day, he’d ride bikes for a living.

After graduating high school, Curtis, who was then a tall and skinny 1.83m tall and 73kg, began lifting weights in the gym. He bulked up to a meaty 97.5kg.

He attended college for a few years, but decided that wasn’t for him and began working full-time in the family business as an electrician in Fremont. When he was 22, in 2001, a friend invited Curtis to Downieville, California, a tiny town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada that’s become legendary for its downhill mountain biking trails. It was his first glimpse of the mountain biking world and he'd found his calling.

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 Robert Cenedella is one of America’s most outspoken artists and he is the subject of a documentary that is receiving Oscar consideration. The film Art Bastard has been the darling of the 2016 film festival circuit and is now on the long list for best documentary. Rotten Tomatoes has given the film a 90% fresh rating and Examiner.com called it “an invigorating celebration to a one-of-kind genius”.

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Now is your chance to hear from the rebel artist who never fit into today’s art world but has become one of its most provocative, rabble-rousing characters nevertheless. In an art world obsessed with money, fame, and hype, meet an artist who is driven by justice defiance and his own singular style.


About Robert Cenedella:

Robert Cenedella's works are known for their pictorial satire, humor and fantasy. His art chronicles the changing rituals and myths of society in contemporary America. In the last 20 years, Cenedella has amassed considerable international praise as well as inclusion in numerous public and private collections. His commissions include works for the Bacardi Int’l, Absolut Vodka, a theater piece for Tony Randall, and two paintings for the Le Cirque 2000 Restaurant in New York and Mexico City. Cenedella’s “Le Cirque — The First Generation” still hangs at the restaurant’s entryway and is featured in the book “A Table at Le Cirque”.[8]

Cenedella's life and works are the subject of the 2016 documentary film Art Bastard. The film has garnered multiple awards in the festival circuit, such as Winner of Best Documentary at the Manchester Film Festival and Winner of Best Documentary and Best Director — Documentary at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema. The film showcases "the mischievous tale of a rebel who never fit into today's art world, yet has become one of its most provocative, rabble-rousing characters nevertheless... [It's] as energetic, humorous and unapologetically honest as the uncompromising man at its center: Robert Cenedella." To quote Cenedella, "You can bastardize everything else in your life, but if you compromise with your art, why be an artist?"

In 2015, Cenedella was commissioned to create a painting titled Fín del Mundo, a tryptic that "captures the chaos surrounding Donald Trump's march to the White House."[20] It was displayed in time for the United States presidential election on November 2, 2016 at Central Park Fine Arts.

What the critics are saying:

*New York Times CRITIC's PICK! "Robust documentary portrait of lifelong rebel and art-world gadfly." Cenedella comes across as a reassuring voice of sanity.
-Stephen Holden, THE NEW YORK TIMES


"Michelangelo had the Sistine Chapel. Robert Cenedella has P.J. Carney’s." FILM PUTS ART-WORLD REBEL ON NEW CANVAS

"THE BEST FILM ABOUT ART I HAVE SEEN... A scintillating, visually splendid look at the life and satirical work of socially conscious, talented and articulate art rebel Robert Cenedella. The art establishment should take a fresh look at Cenedella’s work, which certainly deserves a major, reflective New York exhibition at this point in time."
- William Wolf, wolfentertainmentguide.com

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Spotify, the music streaming service that puts the world’s music at your fingertips, reveals the songs and artists that took the world by storm in 2016.


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Last year, we got the party started with “Uptown Funk” and saw some exciting new artists like the The Weekend breakthrough hits. This year, some big players topped the charts like Drake, Rihanna and Justin Bieber - but what did America listen to?


In this interview, SHANON COOK, Spotify Trends Expert, will discuss the year’s top artists and tracks, musical trendsand streaming milestones.


Year in Music categories that Spotify will reveal include:

-           Top streamed artist

-           Top streamed male artist

-           Top streamed female artist

-           Top streamed song of 2016

-           Top streamed album

-           Most popular playlists


Spotify’s 100 million global listeners streamed billions of hours of music in 2016, which gives Spotify endless insight into the songs, artists and trends that resonated with users. For each category, Spotify will name the global winner and the winner by country, so viewers can compare their musical tastes with the rest of the world. 




ABOUT SHANON: Shanon Cook is the Spotify trends expert for TV, radio and online and formerly a CNN music and entertainment reporter. During her career she’s interviewed many of the world’s top entertainers, including Sting, Annie Lennox, Kanye West, Paul Rudd, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, Claire Danes, Peter Gabriel, R.E.M., Duran Duran, Mariah Carey, Harry Connick Jr. and Yo-Yo Ma. For more than ten years her reports have broadcast worldwide in more than 200 countries on CNN International and in the U.S. on CNN and HLN... Shanon’s foray into entertainment journalism began when she was a producer and reporter for CNN International’s weekly program “The Music Room,” which featured popular bands and artists. She served as the daily entertainment reporter on HLN’s Robin Meade program, now known as Morning Express with Robin Meade and has contributed to BBC America and Billboard Magazine.

ABOUT SPOTIFY: Spotify is an award-winning digital music service that gives you on-demand access to over 30 million tracks. Our dream is to make all the world’s music available instantly to everyone, wherever and whenever you are. Spotify makes it easier than ever to discover, manage and share music with your friends, while making sure that artists get a fair deal.


Spotify is now available in 60 markets globally with more than 100 million active users*, and over 40 million paying subscribers**.


Since its launch in Sweden in 2008, Spotify has driven more than US$5bn to rights holders. Spotify is the biggest and most successful music streaming service of its kind globally. www.spotify.com

Further Information

For more information, images, or to contact the team, please head over to our press page at http://press.spotify.com/Website:https://www.spotify.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spotifyusa/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Spotify

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This holiday season, we have a secret that will bring the magic back to gift giving. Gift giving creates a unique bond between people when done right. But, let's face it, it’s getting harder and harder to find amazing gifts for the toughest people on your list because of our busy schedules. Gift Advisor was created to help make being a thoughtful gift giver exciting and easy again!

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Not only does Gift Advisor allow you to zero in on the perfect gift using age, gender, relationship, interests and profession search but it gets smarter the more you use it! Using similar learning technology as movie and music recommendation sites and adapted specifically for gift shopping, it gets better with each visit the more you interact. And, you can get specific advice from gift-obsessed editors while you’re searching.


It connects creative gift givers with independent designers to help today’s most creative makers compete against large corporations, gain market share, and reach people who care about their products. Gift Advisor is always seeking thoughtful, exceptional, one-of-a-kind products, from independent designers, artisans and trusted brands from around the world, that make the best gifts for every occasion and relationship in your life. 


Know of an amazing gift or two or three? Gift Advisor makes it easy to recommend ideas to be added to their always growing and changing database, too. Make as many recommendations as you'd like and they'll do their best to showcase them!


In this interview we discuss:

-         Why some people are hard to shop for and holiday gift ideas to please the toughest ones

-         Resources for finding unique, one-of-a-kind products from independent designers and  artisans

-         The new “Netflix” of gift-giving, GiftAdvsior.com

-         Your own questions- Dana Holmes is happy to record custom content with your provided  questions about holiday shopping




About Dana Holmes:

Dana Holmes is Editor in Chief of GiftAdvisor.com. She has been writing about etiquette, occasions, gift ideas, trends and family fun for more than a decade and has been interviewed by the New York Times, Associated Press, TODAY in NY and many, many more.


About Gift Advisor:

Nashua, New Hampshire based Gift Advisor was created in 2016 to keep the power of thoughtful and meaningful gift giving alive.  An editorial resource for the gift inspired and the gift stumped to quickly connect with the best gift ideas and advice for every occasion, interest and relationship in one place, Gift Advisor is also a marketplace where artisans, start-ups, and unique brands can gain exposure and reach a specific audience that is ready to make a purchase.


Driven by a gift recommendation engine that uses similar learning technology as music and movie sites, and a quickly expanding content, social media and PR program, Gift Advisor’s objective is to help small brands become profitable businesses and to connect creative gift ideas with creative gift givers through a curated and easy to navigate experience.

A new law to help combat tax fraud may delay millions of income tax refunds this upcoming tax season. The law, called the PATH Act, requires the IRS to hold refunds of taxpayers who claim the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit until at least Feb. 15.

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Tax ID theft continues to rise. According to IRS data, since 2013, approximately 5.1 million people have been victims of tax identity theft fraud. Criminals use personal information to file fake returns and steal taxpayer refunds. This can be very challenging for victims…losing access to their refund for approximately 180 days and having to take multiple steps to regain their identity with the IRS.


Plus, anyone who hasn’t enrolled in health care insurance can face a steeper penalty on their 2016 tax return.


Kathy Pickering, a tax expert with H&R Block discusses:


  • What the PATH act means for tax filers in 2017
  • Consumer safeguards against tax identity theft fraud
  • Penalties for taxpayers without health insurance & how to avoid being penalized if you don’t have insurance
  • Tax tips you can make now to save when you file for the 2017 season


 About Kathy

Kathy Pickering is the executive director of The Tax Institute at H&R Block, the go-to source for objective insights on federal and state tax laws affecting the individual. With more than a decade of experience in tax operations and 25 years in information technology, Pickering is responsible for the strategic direction and management for a team of the nation’s top experts on tax issues. As head of The Tax Institute, Pickering oversees enrolled agents, CPAs and attorneys who provide information and analysis on the real-world implications of tax policy and tax proposals.


For more information about this episode, visit http://blogs.hrblock.com/2016/10/11/path-act/