How Not to Waste Your Time in College

Ft. Jena Burgess (@CoachJenaB)
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About This Episode:

What things in addition to your degree does it take to get the job you want? There can be a lot to consider: grades, soft skills, technical skills, resume and networking. And at times it can get overwhelmingly confusing to know which one to start with. Don't worry though, on this episode of the Business, Life, and Coffee podcast, author Jena Burgess, PHR talks about all this and more.

Her new book Super Qualified is a roadmap that includes the student voice in the conversation that colleges and companies are having about the perception, realities and practicalities of being qualified for work.

This episode is great for college students, parents of college students, and professionals looking to make a return to grad school.

About Jena Burgess:
Jena Burgess is a career coach and trainer dedicated to developing learning experiences that meet the changing needs of today’s professionals. She is the CEO of Coach Jena B LLC, a boutique professional development firm focused on professional success. Jena leverages her human resources and diversity and inclusion experience in Fortune 500’s, non-profits, start-ups and financial institutions to empower her facilitation with clients. She is an accomplished facilitator and is often a guest speaker at top universities, colleges and corporations. Participants describe her workshops as thoughtful, inclusive and FUN. Jena is often leveraged for her unique understanding of Millennials and Generation Z. She serves as a board member for HBCU Career Development Marketplace. Jena is certified in the art of Gamification, the process of infusing fun game-like mechanics to motivate human behavior.

Help Promote Entrepreneurship Skills to The Largest Unemployed Minority Group in America
Founder, CEO, and Chief Disabled Officer of 
2Gether International, a global non-profit for helping those with disabilities
This episode of presented by Jumpstart:HR, LLC
HR Outsourcing for Small Businesses and Startups

Ft. Diego Mariscal, 

About this Episode:

No doubt about it, disabled people are AWESOME... interested in seeing them become leaders and entrepreneurs?! This episode highlights the work, and fundraising goals of 2Gether International, a non-profit organization empowering persons with disabilities to launch successful 

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2Gether International

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FOUNDER & CEO of One of the only tech not-for-profits working on fostering disability pride. 

FOUNDER and President of 360-agency. The consulting arm of A strategy agency build for clients that want to better understand disability and the market value it represents. Clients Include: BLACKBOARD, THE WORLD BANK, THE US DEPARTMENT OF STATE. 

FOUNDER of Limitless Prepa Tec. Mexican student group movement. Providing sensitivity training workshops on disability throughout 8 high schools. Reaching over 3,000 students to-date.